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Large Ensemble

the jaws that bite, the claws that catch (2014) 4'30"

the jaws that bite, the claws that catch explores a simple motif that rapidly spreads through the ensemble. Each new addition helps add to this musical “creature”, a churning and rhythmic beast that grooves constantly throughout the piece. 

Premiered in the spring of 2014 by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music's New Music Ensemble with Jacques Desjardins (conductor).

Chamber Orchestra: 112*1 1010 piano, 3 percussion, strings

If Only the Waves Reply... (2012) 6'30"

Read by the Syracuse University Symphony Orchestra in October 2012.

Orchestra: 2222 4221 timpani, 2 percussion, strings

Shadow of a Sound (2011) 5'00"

Premiered in Syracuse, NY on April 28, 2012.

Chamber orchestra: 1111 1111 2 percussion, strings

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